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Founder Bob McCoy retired and closed the St. Anthony Main location of the museum in 2002, donating his devices to the Science Museum of Minnesota, which still displays a number of items in their Collections Gallery. features all of the items Bob had on display, many of which are also featured in his book: Quack!: Tales of Medical Fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.

Watch clips of curator Bob McCoy in our newly updated video vault!

Bob on Letterman

The Vibrometer sounded something like a sitar.

See a few of our devices

Revigator for making radioactive water at home

Top, Thompson Plaster Electrical Cabinet

Phlebotomist at work

Some Ephemeral Papers...


History Buffs!

The 1905 Colliers magazine series, The Great American Fraud, exposed the patent medicine industry for it's use of addicting cocaine, morphine and alcohol. In 1906, Congress passed the first U.S. Pure Food and Drug Act. See our series overview, editor Norman Hapgood's condemnation of the evils and dangers, and Samuel Hopkins Adams' expose, The Great American Fraud including Part IV: The Subtle Poisons. Caution: text intensive

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